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Rocuronium versus succinylcholine-atracurium for tracheal intubation and maintenance relaxation during propofol anesthesia.

Onset of neuromuscular block at the masseter and adductor pollicis muscles following rocuronium or succinylcholine.

Onset and duration of rocuronium and succinylcholine at the adductor pollicis and laryngeal adductor muscles in anesthetized humans.

Rocuronium--onset times and intubating conditions.

Rapid tracheal intubation with large-dose rocuronium: a probability-based approach.

Assessing neuromuscular block at the larynx: the effect of change in resting cuff pressure and a comparison with video imaging in anesthetized humans.

Rapid tracheal intubation with rocuronium: a probability approach to determining dose.

The onset of neuromuscular block at the masseter muscle as a predictor of optimal intubating conditions with rocuronium.

Intraocular pressure changes during rapid sequence induction and intubation: a comparison of rocuronium, atracurium, and succinylcholine.

Effective time to satisfactory intubation conditions after administration of rocuronium in adults. Comparison of propofol and thiopentone for rapid sequence induction of anaesthesia.

Effects of an intubating dose of succinylcholine and rocuronium on the larynx and diaphragm: an electromyographic study in humans.

A large simple randomized trial of rocuronium versus succinylcholine in rapid-sequence induction of anaesthesia along with propofol.

Rocuronium versus succinylcholine: are they equally effective during rapid-sequence induction of anesthesia?

Evaluation of intubating conditions with rocuronium and either propofol or etomidate for rapid sequence induction. Anaesthesia.

Thiopental or etomidate for rapid sequence induction with rocuronium.

Tracheal intubation with rocuronium using the "timing principle".

Comparison of rocuronium and suxamethonium for use during rapid sequence induction of anaesthesia.

A comparison of the intubation conditions between mivacurium and rocuronium during balanced anesthesia.

Influence of induction technique on intubating conditions after rocuronium in adults: comparison with rapid-sequence induction using thiopentone and suxamethonium.

Rocuronium- and mivacurium-induced neuromuscular block and intubating conditions: a comparison with vecuronium.

Comparison of intubating conditions after administration of Org 9246 (rocuronium) and suxamethonium.

Rocuronium (ORG 9426) neuromuscular blockade at the adductor muscles of the larynx and adductor pollicis in humans.

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