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Cooper R. Mirakhur RK. Clarke RS. Boules Z., Comparison of intubating conditions after administration of Org 9246 (rocuronium) and suxamethonium. British Journal of Anaesthesia. 69(3):269-73, 1992.
The authors have assessed intubating conditions after administration of Org 9426 (rocuronium) 600 micrograms kg-1 at 60 or 90 s in groups of 20 patients anesthetized with thiopental, nitrous oxide in oxygen and small doses of fentanyl, and compared the data with those obtained after suxamethonium 1 mg kg-1 in similar groups of patients. The influence of prior suxamethonium administration on the potency of Org 9426 was studied also by constructing a dose-response curve. Intubating conditions after Org 9426 were found to be clinically acceptable (good or excellent) in 95% of patients at 60 s and in all patients at 90 s and in all patients at both times after suxamethonium. The average time for the onset of block following Org 9426 at this dose was 89 s (which is shorter than with any of the currently available non-depolarizing neuromuscular blocking drugs); the duration of clinical relaxation (25% recovery of twitch height) 30 min. Prior administration of succinylcholine did not appear to influence the potency of Org 9426.
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